Wet Basements Need Basement Waterproofing

When you first envisioned your home’s basement you probably didn’t imagine your storage boxes floating around and little duckies inhabiting your home. You most likely just saw the space and had the best ideas in mind for how you’d use it for a little while until you saved enough money to finish the space.

Then a couple rainstorms later you’re beginning to worry. Will my foundation get ruined? Could this get any worse? Where do I go from here?

When the Basement Leaks

The first time you noticed the water was during a light rainstorm. It wasn’t too much, just a little “moisture,” or so you’d like to say.

After each rainstorm that “moisture” began to look more and more like puddles. When the kids grabbed their swim suits and went into the basement no one believed the moisture theory anymore.

So, you looked all around the basement and there aren’t that many big cracks or any noticeable holes. Oh, and according to the previous owners, the basement was waterproofed years ago. Isn’t that a one time process?

The Good and the Bad

Basement waterproofing isn’t an impossible procedure, but it’s either done well or done poorly. All too often it’s the latter, which gives any good contractor capable of doing a great job a bad reputation and little business.

If a basement is leaking and the rain is pouring into your home, it’s time to call an expert. Although all contractors maintain different skill-sets, it’s important to do your research and consider several things before considering your contractor or considering against another contractor.


  1. Not every contractor is the same: Maybe you’ve had some bad experiences or you’ve heard from your neighbors what some contractors have done poorly. Try not to assume that every contractor will treat you improperly. There are some contractors who hold their customers in the highest esteem and only have to waterproof a basement one time! Yes, that’s right! basement waterproofing new jersey
  2. Try to get the best basement waterproofing system: Not every contractor uses the same system. Less expensive doesn’t mean a good price. It sometimes means, cheap. When you go cheap, you can sometimes find yourself in need of replacement and doing the whole project over again. Find a contractor to do it right the first time, it’s worth the money.
  3. An Addition is more expensive: If you’re choosing your contractor based off of the price of the system they offer, please consider that you can increase the value of your home, receive a huge return on investment and spend less than you would for an addition– even with the “not to inexpensive” systems. It’s worth the expense if it’s done well and does the job right!
  4. Professionalism and warranties: A basement waterproofing contractor should always appear organized and ready to help you with all your questions and concerns. You should never be afraid in your own home, so if you’re uncomfortable with your contractor then maybe the company isn’t right for you. A good contractor will believe in the product and provide a warranty. No warranty means little faith. That’s not a good sign, huh?


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