Don’t Just Be a ‘Suit’, Be a ‘Bespoke’

Business people are derogatorily and satirically named ‘Suits’ by those working both on the outside and those on the inside of professional corporate life. So, what makes you stand out from the rest? Why should an MD choose to employ your services and entrepreneurship over and above another ‘Suit’ she sees every day?

First impressions are everything. The standard ‘off the shelf’ suit is designed to give this positive impression, but how does this help you enable the prospective client to decide to pick you, when you all conform to the same standard of professional wear. tailored suits nj

The answer is a Bespoke suit. Don’t be just a suit, become THE suit. A 3 piece designed to accentuate your hair colour can purvey that you have style, an eye for what is current. It could even reveal aspects of your personality which wouldn’t usually come across in an interview or business proposal.

Your choice of fabrics is essential to creating that Bespoke business man image. You can choose the density – do lighter fabrics tend to show your extra pounds, would a coarser material be better suited to your boyish good looks and give you the stern edge you require in a mens suit?

A finely tailored suit can accommodate a full range of body sizes. Men and women are not standard in form so why choose a standard suit that fits the mythically perfectly proportioned human body? Cuffs can be shortened, buttons moved, measured neck sizes which actually correlate to your arm length for a change can be created, people with the wider waist don’t have to walk with their trouser hems dragging at their heels.

Another myth which needs to be discussed of course is the great expense which comes with these bespoke suits. They do cost more money but not as much as you’d expect. It all depends on the tailor you choose to go to. Shop around and use your entrepreneurial intuition. If you go to a top notch tailor in New York, you will pay a top notch price, but if you go for the smaller, independent stores, you can find a suit for a reasonable cost which is similar to those sold in Macy’s.

In addition, Bespoke tailors are trained to help with accessories which accentuate your best features. If you don’t know which tie best compliments your eyes or complexion – they do. Skirt lengths for women are always an issue. The tailor can look objectively and assess which is the perfect style and cut for your leg length and shape. Their advice is invaluable when trying to create an image which sets you apart from the rest of the ‘Suits’.


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